About us



Pumpkin Patch is a family run company that takes great pride in supplying premium quality food products to the finest retail and hospitality institutions in the Western Cape. We believe in making premium quality food products affordable and accessible to all.

Our story

In 2014, we started our business by processing the vegetables harvested on our farm in Vanrhynsdorp. At the time our main focus was to supply “pre-packed” vegetable products to retail. Since then, we have ventured into dried fruit, speciality veg, ready-to-eat salads, and most recently- home food deliveries.

Food safety

Our packhouse in Stellenbosch was purposefully built according to ISO22002, HACCP, and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) guidelines for food processing facilities. In October 2019, we achieved a score of 96,2% in terms of our food safety compliance.

Packaging POLICY

In 2018, we embarked on a mission to reduce and replace single-use plastics in our food products. We now package our products in plant-based (PLA – cornstarch) bioplastics to improve our environmental footprint and sustainability of conducting our business. To date, we have reduced our single-use plastics by more than 70%.


Our fresh produce is source exclusively from GLOBAL GAP certified farmers around the Western Cape, to ensures that our products are always fresh, traceable, and free from harmful chemicals.


We utilise our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles. This allows us to shorten the time between production and delivery, and more importantly, retain complete control over the quality of our products in transit.


Save Money

As our products come directly from our suppliers, no additional costs are incurred in the supply chain.

Save Time

Avoid spending time driving to and from stores. Instead have our drivers deliver right to your doorstep.

Food Safe

Our warehouse is audited yearly, and complies with international GFSI and ISO22000 food safety standards.

Quality Produce

We have been meticulous in selecting the best quality products from the most trusted suppliers in the industry.


Our service shortens the total distance travelled for groceries by using state of the art route optimising technology.


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